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time: 06-22-2000 21:15:34 PST
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What the West have been saying about Tibet is pure BULL SHIT! Whatever we do in Tibet, the West can always find a way to criticize the Chinese. If the Chinese did not send technicians and experts to Tibet, the Americans would accuse them of isolating Tibet from technological and economical development; but now, while Tibetans are enjoying a better material and religious lives due to the efforts of CHinese Government's, some people in the West are still unwilling to face reality. Before the Liberation of Tibet in 1950, most of the people were under the slavery of Lamaism and its priests. Now some people in the West claims that the Tibetans were having a better life then than today, which is outageous! Further, it makes no sense to accuse the Chinese of religious oppression in Tibet with Lamaism is fourishing in Inner Mongolia. Also, all of China's enthic groups have the undeniable right to practise their culture. We believe that America is scared of China, of her huge population, and potential economic power and military might. Just like a Hundred years ago, when England claimed an so called outter Tibet for itself, the West has always tried in vain to break up China for its riches. TO BE CONTINUED.....

time: 05-31-2000 03:13:10 PST
who: 1Cust167.tnt1.portland2.or.da.uu.net

I fing it highly entertaining - the individual who declares an ENTIRE RACE subhuman and worthy of extermination - for the crime of condidering another ENTIRE RACE subhuman and worthy of being killed or tourtured. This opinion is held unapologetically while demanding an apology from the appearent "other side". In this perverse logic the indivuduals themselves become the monsters that they deplore. I also notice that after every somewhat effective defuser post things go quietly for a while. Until someone posts some news article and it all starts again...

time: 04-14-2000 21:09:29 PST
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Do you know about the excellent account of Unit 731 wartime activities, entitled UNIT 731 TESTIMONY by Hal Gold (who resides in Kyoto)? It is published by Yenbooks (Tokyo, 1996). It provides an excellent and unbiased overview of the subject, and many personal testimonies made by Unit 731 members (translated into English). It is a disheartening yet necessary read for those who want to understand Japan, past and present.

time: 03-24-2000 20:34:15 PST
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time: 12-09-1999 12:45:39 PST
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to the idiot that commented on 11/1/99: I would agree with you totally if it was you, your father, mother, brother, ancestors that were experimented on by Unit 731. Sounds to me like you are pretty ignorant. Sorry to see that you will not go far in life cause you are a real loser when it comes to being human.

time: 11-01-1999 08:56:39 PST

As bad a it may sound and I know that not many will agree with me but, our military and its technological advances in the field of biological warfare would not be where it is if not for the events of unit 731. The crimes commited there were heinous. If those lives had not been lost then we as a country would not have the defense against biological warfare that we now have. the loss of those lives may prove to save even more lives in the future. Can we atleast let a little good come from something so bad.

time: 10-25-1999 01:03:05 PST
who: 1Cust107.tnt1.lakeland.fl.da.uu.net

humanbeings can be so good and soo very evil we must remember all these bad things so as not to do them again it just sickens me to know that america had a part to play in this evil by keeping it going we owe the world an apology for in some ways our crime is worse than any other for we might have stoped these kinds of atrocities long ago by makeing others pay for thier crimes and and never letting anyone use thier data includeing ourselves humans are just a sad bunch of scared apes and this proves it i dont even like to think of my selfe as human i dont want to be in the same race as the people who can commit such atrocites to any liveing thing. E.G.V.

time: 10-24-1999 21:08:02 PST
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Ditto with what the Argentino had to say, with only one exception--Why are there no mestizos (of mixed race) in las pampas? Because the white argentinos did the same to the natives of that area as the white americanos did here in north america----genocide to the native people!!!! The blind leading the blind or better yet--"the self-justified quasi-rightous liar trying to fool other self-justified quasi-rightous liars." Jeronimo J. L. Castellanos

time: 09-21-1999 19:58:26 PST
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graey site

time: 08-13-1999 14:53:07 PST
who: s3abab9.ssa.gov

Unit 731 documents found in China --------------------------------- Toshinao Ishii Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent ----------------- HARBIN China -- The Heilongjiang provincial government on Monday made public what it said were official Japanese documents showing that the former Imperial Japanese Army conducted the "special transportation" of 52 Chinese prisoners-of-war to Unit 731, which allegedly carried out germ warfare experiments on human beings. ----------------- The Chinese POWs, suspected of spying, had been sent to the secret unit because the military police of the army considered them "useless," according to the documents revealed during a press conference here. ----------------- Although the existence of official Japanese documents about "special transportation" operations was documented by Russian materials, it is the first time that such a detailed secret document has been made public. It even includes the names of the POWs. ----------------- Experts said the disclosure of the documents may lead to the discovery of the real activities of Unit 731. ----------------- In the press conference held in Harbin, provincial government officials released 66 documents compiled between 1941 and 1944 that had been stored in the public archives of the province. ----------------- The majority of the documents were compiled between July and September of 1941 and the Chinese officials said that they were "relatively well written." ----------------- Most of the documents referred in detail to the questioning of the 52 Chinese by Japanese military police. They were reportedly taken to the Harbin headquarters of the military police by train in a "special transportation" operation. Among the POWs were two prisoners who were described as spies for the Chinese Communist Party. ----------------- The documents bore "secret" and "counterespionage" stamps in cinnabar red ink--indicating that the military police treated them as classified documents--and they also had marks of approval by relevant departments of the Imperial Japanese Army. ----------------- The records of Wang Zhenda, considered to be a Russian spy, were accompanied by two mug shots of him, one from the front and another from the side. The records also showed the authorities had decided to subject him to "special transportation" because "he has never reflected upon his conduct and is of no value (to the Japanese). The damage that he has inflicted upon Japan is enormous."

time: 07-28-1999 03:27:15 PST

I must remind you that Nanjing Massacre is only one of thousands genicides committed by Japanese soldier during 1937-1945 in China (actually such beastily actions began from the end of nineteen century). The Japanese do not apologize for their terrible deeds is because they think China had and will has no power to let them know it is wrong. Unit 731 was a huge organization not only did experiments in Pingfang, it also had a complex structure that combined with other battling troops around far east asia and south east asia. If the west world can not well understand and deal the Japanese wii crime on asia especially on China, I think the world will make a mistake. There are about 35,000,000 people who were killed or injured during Japnese invasion of China. They did not just gun you down, they killed in all kinds of unimaginable sadistic fashions! They butchered young victims for meat, they dug out victim's heart out alive in the faces of his be loved...And the Japanes solider seemed quite enjoy doing these kinds of terrible beast actions (Are there any such kind of beasts in the world?) Even Japanese monks participated in such kinds of atrocities! Without American 2 atomic bombs, there would be extra millions of human lost on both sides. I feel sick that Japanese see them as victims while take a blind eye on their raping then bayoneting vaginas of thousands of women,throwing their babies into fire or boiling water... Most of the forced labors were killed. There is a huge defense system along Sino-Russia border build during Japanese occupation of northeast China, the project took more than ten years, mass bury remains exist in each site, experts estimate about one million labors were killed for the system. till now there is only one person successfully escaped the holocaust. The force labors began from 3am till 9pm, when taught escaping, Japanese just cut the victim's two feet, kicked aside to died. When japanese defeated, they left a huge stock of bio and chem bombs across China which they denied for decades, now the poison is linking, injurying human day after day. so, who says the wii is over? At least the remaining chemical weaponery is kill people stillú┴ Now japanese military budget is the second largest in the world, the parliment passed laws to enshrine the national flag and anthem(used in the war like Nazi mark), the parliment members pay their respect to the war criminal like the one masterminded and operated unit 731... How I wish what people say about japanese wii crime were false. What japan had done and what they are doing are hurting the soul of a great nation of a long civilization-CHINA. I hope who read this message can forgive my emotion, and I encourage you to investigate it by yourself, especially do some field research, maybe you can see by your own eye. Welcome to China to do scientific research on these matters. Is not let the truth known to the world the basic right of the victims? By the way, I admired Mr. Bush, he is lucky enough to escape japanese knife and teeth and became the president of the great United States. (I do not believe US pliticans have the ability to push japan to free its documents like unit 731, I guss it is already destroyed.) Thank you for your understanding. iamachurl@263.net

time: 07-10-1999 10:52:48 PST
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time: 06-29-1999 12:59:07 PST
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I think it's interesting how many people made comments to the effect of 'if everyone believed in a Xtian god, everything would be all hunkey-dorey.' I'd guess about 90% of all wars and conflicts have a deep religious connection (i.e. My god is better than your god. Fuck you!) Frankly, neither Jesus, nor Alah, nor Yahweh, nor Buddah, nor the goddamn pope are doing a lot of good in bringing peace and understanding to anyone, and it'll be roughtly 60 billion years, when we're extinct, before THAT happens.

time: 06-14-1999 15:33:05 PST
who: s3abab9.ssa.gov

(http://www.savanna.demon.co.uk/Tibet/Tibet.html) _______________ Below is a summary of Chinese atrocities in Tibet. This is merely skimming the surface, but to read a full account see the "Tibetan Government In Exile" (http://www.tibet.com/) home page. ______________ Religion: ­6,250 Monastries Destroyed (Almost 100% of all monastries) ­111,000 Monks & Nuns Tortured and put to death (Out of 500,000) ­Religion can now only be practiced in a superficial way. All monks are first vetted and can only attend a monastry if they are deemed to have "Politicaly correct" thoughts ­Monastries looted, all precious metals taken and melted down, literature, and religious objects sold or destroyed ­Religious monuments and Statues smashed ­Mani stones destroyed, or used to build toilets & Pig sheds _____________ Enviroment: ­Desertification of large areas of grassland (Former Nomadic Grazing land) due to unsuitable use as arable land ­Deforestation of nearly 50% of Tibets Forest. (221,800 Sq Km to 134,000 Sq Km). ­Record silting levels in 4 of the worlds major rivers due to increased run off due to deforestation. (These rivers irigate 47% of the worlds population) ­Bangladesh floods probably caused due to increase run off in Tibet ­Destabilised weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere possibly caused by changing influence of atmospheric circulation and jet stream winds by the changing environment on the Tibetan high plateau. ­Food shortages because of vast increase in Chinese settlers, combined with the change of normal crop from Barley (A Tibetan Staple) to Wheat (Preffered by the Chinese). ­Yamdrok Yutso Hydro-power station is draining a Sacred lake which has no exit and is only topped up by small amounts of run off from surrounding mountains. Experts believe it will be drained in 10 - 20 years ­Mining for minerals is damaging fragile terrains, leading to slope destabilisation and land degradation. ­Many wild animals and birds (Some very rare) have vanished due to destruction of their natural habitat ­Unristricted hunting is killing off protected and near extinct species. (eg, With the fees charged: $35,000 for Tibetan Antelope, $13,000 for a white lipped dear, $7,900 for a rare tibetan blue sheep) ­Report say there are up to 90 Nuclear warheads on Tibetan soil. ­China's North-west Nuclear Weapons research & Design accademy is reportedly dumping nuclear waste in Tibet. There are NO environmental safe guards, Reports claim that "Disposal methods are casual to the extreme" ­Birth defects in Animals and human reported in areas near the dumps. _____________ Human Rights: ­Over 1.2 Million Tibetans killed. ­Martial law, lifted on 1 May 1990, still exists in all but name. "..the police and security forces retain extensive powers of arbitrary arrest and detention without trial" Amnesty International report 1991. ­Torture is regularly used to interogate prisoners. Methods include beatings with sticks, electric battons and riffle buts, Cigarette burns, Electric shocks etc. ­There is no right to be presumed innocent until otherwise proven in the Chinese legal system. ­Imprisonment without court appearance ­No Freedom of movement for Tibetans (In breach of article 13 of UDHR) ------------------------------

time: 06-08-1999 19:51:26 PST
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kill all japs. usa and china should drop at least one huge h-bomb on each japs' city. lets wipe them from earth. they r devil race.

time: 06-08-1999 19:50:59 PST
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kill all japs. usa and china should drop at least one huge h-bomb on each japs' city. lets wipe them from earth. they r devil race.

time: 06-08-1999 19:48:09 PST
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kill all japs. japs should be wiped out from the earth, and it will be divided from our each allied country.

time: 05-28-1999 10:58:52 PST
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East Timor Human Rights Centre: LATEST EAST TIMOR TORTURE PHOTOS ---------------------------------- http://www.gn.apc.org/ethrc/Photos3.htm

time: 05-28-1999 10:56:21 PST
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time: 04-19-1999 14:13:24 PST
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The thing I find most interesting is the number of Japanese people I have met who have never heard of Ishi Shiro or Unit 731. In Germany the horrors of the Holocaust are taught in schools, but not so in Japan. A huge misinformation campaign is still going on, in addition to a similar campaign being carried out in the U.S. as far as the development of bacterial weaponry for use in Korea and Vietnam based upon the data acquired during the Unit 731 experiments (Ever heard of dioxin or agent orange?). Every nation has/is comitting dehumanizing atrocities everyday and it's good to know that the information is out there for those who want to find it.

time: 03-17-1999 22:28:53 PST
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Oh, Zero Tolerance... you just had to resume taking readers' comments, didn't you? Talk about opening Pandora's Box... I mean, look at the comments from previous years, especially 1998, when I last visited this site. Don't you think that just about anything and everything that can be said about this subject has been said ad nauseum? Yes, I remember it well... that disgruntled American living in Japan, the crazy African racist, the angry Australian, etc. On the brighter side, there were a few enlightening comments and some very informative articles. But too many comments were atrociously and unjustly racist, hateful, vindictive, or old-fashioned "Jap"-bashing. For those of you who have a serious interest in researching this subject, two books I highly recommend are: Hidden Horrors: Japanese War Crimes in World War II, by Yuki Tanaka, and War Without Mercy, by John Dower. I also caution that Iris Chang's highly publicized book The Rape of Nanking be taken with a grain of salt. While it succeeds in bringing public awareness of that atrocity, the book has its shortcomings with documentation, as well as its explanation of Japan's handling of its "war responsibility". The Japanese government's "denial" of the past is more complex than presented by Chang or this webpage. The issue is not just about historical grievances, but also an ongoing political rivalry - mainly between China and Japan. Also, if you're interested in info on American or Australian atrocities against Japanese, Dower's book is a good reference. If there's one thing that I hope readers will take with them from this webpage, it's that WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF THE MOST DISGUSTING CRIMES. That being said, let the verbal slugfest continue... E-mail: TempoNova@aol.com

time: 03-15-1999 10:45:12 PST
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What makes exposing and condemning these terrible crimes so difficult are the racist overtones that inevitably arise from certain quarters. ("Those evil Japanese, subhuman gooks," etc., etc.) We may all be repelled by these acts, but we're also afraid of stirring up Americans' innate anti-Asian sentiments and watching the ultra rightwing scum rise to the surface with their "kill all gooks" sentiments. However, it is NOT racist to condemn evil behavior, wherever it may arise. I am Chinese American, and I am acutely aware that the Chinese people were the primary victims of Japanese atrocities. I applaud you for posting this information. It has too long been concealed from Americans. Thank you.

time: 02-24-1999 17:04:52 PST
who: southquad9.ccs.itd.umich.edu

I could not believe that a human being could do this to another human being. Not even a beast would treat another beast in the fashion that the Japanese soldiers have treated other human beings. The Japanese are lower than beast, they are lower than any life form They do not deserve any kind of respect from the rest of the world. They are monsters. And that is that. People say forget the past, but when you see something as gruelsome as these, you just simply cannot put the past away. You just simply cannot.